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Why feed liquid feed/molasses blends?

  • Cows need sugar
  • The right sugar
  • Starch & sugar balance
  • Improved fibre digestion
  • Optimal ruminal pH
  • Improved milk quality & boost intakes
  • Reduced ration sorting
  • Low substitution effect
  • Reduced waste & product flexibility


Not all liquid feeds are created equal

Border Counties Liquid Feeds Ltd offer a range of cane molasses based liquid feeds designed to suit a wide range of feeding systems. We sell 27 different liquid feeds. They can be supplied in volumes as small as 25 litres for small holders to bulk loads of 29 tonnes delivered on to farm using specialist vehicles. Using modern blending technology, our supplier ED&F Man Liquid Products are able to combine molasses with other liquid co-products to increase sugar levels, enhance energy and protein levels, and improved handling. The result is a choice of liquid feeds offering the ideal combination of sugars, energy, protein, flowability and price for any situation.

6-carbon sugars are now recognised as a key nutrient in ruminant diets. Research has shown that a minimum of 6% sugar should be supplied in a well balanced ration.

Delivery service provided or collections welcome. Working with our supplier we can deliver nationwide. 1000 litre IBC's and bulk tanks sold. A range of lick wheel or ball feeders sold or rented including bowser feeders.